Weekly onebag roundup – week beginning 20 April

This is a roundup of all things onebag from the past week.


Carryology published a list of workout gear. There’s a home workout set that looks quite nice. Carryology also covered the Pakt Travel Backpack. Finally, they posted on their new collaboration with The James Brand: a scissors / bottle opener / pen.

Too Many Adaptors posted a review of the RavPower Filehub. This is supposed to be a kind of gadget factotum: a portable battery and a travel router and a card reader and a WiFi converter. Too Many Adaptors doesn’t sound particularly convinced.

Practical Travel Gear links a travel coffee making set, including a collapsible filter, and a knife and cutting board set. They also covered the Solo New York bag and a woman’s button-down.

Green Global Travel posted on the best fair trade and ethical clothing brands for 2020. It would be interesting to see which three or four of these 26 green companies have the most comprehensively green approach.


Her Packing List has a nice list of top travel-related activities to do in lockdown: classic books, online museums, digital work, getting fit.

Nomadic Notes is starting a fee-based newsletter on infrastructure in Asia, through James Clark’s other website, Living in Asia.


Never Ending Voyage wrote about Hobbiton in New Zealand.

Tortuga posted a local’s guide to DC and one to New York.

Finally, the Cleanest Line published an exploration of the Zanskar trail in the Himalayas.

Packing lists

Tortuga’s blog had a series of packing lists for a handful of cities in the US: New York , New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle.

And I posted my notes on the women’s packing list I’ve developed from r/onebag.