The laziest way to organize your insurance coverage

The next item in my project to get my life into order is insurance. Like you, I’m a firm insurance-believer and I have various insurance policies that my employer has signed me up for or that I’ve taken out myself. I’m not totally sure what they say or what they cover but it’s nice feeling to have insurance.

My plan for this year was a comprehensive insurance review: what is covered and what is not, plug the big holes, find better and cheaper policies, get to grips with the claims process, etc.

Unfortunately, it turns out that doing all that stuff is a lot of work, so I didn’t bother. Instead, I just downloaded all my key documents and emailed them to myself.

Still, this is some limited progress and I recommend doing it if you are in a similar situation. At least I have my documents together and nothing seems to have lapsed for the time being. I also got my passwords together, which was a major accomplishment.

Here is the worksheet if you would like to do the same thing:

Obviously, I should take a few more hours for a little due diligence. My wife and I were burgled one time and it turned out that I had failed to name her on the policy: a terrible disaster. I feel like there are probably a million pitfalls like that but a few hours will probably be a wise investment. You know: later on.