Packing lists

My project for 2020 was to read through all the packing lists posted on the subreddits r/onebag and r/heronebag. I thought that by collating all the lists posted by the ultra-light packers on those subreddits, I would arrive at a really excellent, well-rounded light packing list, the collective packing list of Reddit’s most thoughtful and seasoned packers. Over the course of the year, I read and collated 166 packing lists, which I distilled into three packing lists for men, women and families. Here they are:

I haven’t been wholly faithful to Reddit here – I’ve added things that should be in every packing list so you don’t forget them: passport, phone, keys, glasses, medicine, and wallet. I also included a day bag in the men’s list even though that narrowly missed my cutoff of 50% or more Reddit packing lists. The family list is based on the Reddit lists, my own experience traveling with my family and a few resources as discussed here.

My 2021 project is to create pdfs that I hope will be useful to travelers, so I’ve also combined these three packing lists in a single pdf posted on the menu.