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No-equipment drinking games

The next pdf in my series of useful pdfs is a handful of no-equipment drinking games:

Regular readers of this blog will know that lack of knowledge has not been an impediment to my project as I just bang on with these pdfs regardless. With drinking games, however, I like to think of myself as something of an authority, having devoted a lifetime to the topic.

For this pdf, I’ve avoided all the complex drinking games and also all those drinking games where you have to reveal your innermost secrets. Those games are good too but I want this pdf to be for emergencies only: you’ve just met your new housemates and you have nothing to say. In those situations, you need something simple and effective that won’t embarrass anyone or at least not more than necessary.

This list is just five drinking games long because five is plenty. For children’s games, you need a deep arsenal but I frankly struggle to think of any occasion where I played more than one drinking game. Indeed, there have been periods where I played the same drinking game, night after night after night, for weeks.

Anyways, the games are:

  • Drink while you think
  • Fingers
  • Flip cup
  • If you know what I mean
  • Simple game of 21

Many thanks to commenter TJ for some of these. I guess you could probably adapt these for playing without drinking but I definitely recommend throwing a little alcohol in there.