Onebag roundup – week beginning 13 April 2020

This is the first in what I hope will be fairly regular round-ups of all things onebag-related. I’m hoping this will help to improve my packing lists, which is the main purpose of this blog. I’ll cover people who are interested in packing and products, like me, but also people blogging and traveling and some environmental sites.

In terms of products, over the past week, Packing Less wrote about the IKEA Varldens bag. Alex Kwa posted reviews of the Vaer C5 Field Watch, Riot Division pants and shirt, and an Outlier shirt. Practical Travel Gear posted about a flash drive you can use with your iPhone or iPad and about a running shoe. Too Many Adaptors and Carryology both took the opportunity of the quarantine to run posts about gear for your home office. Carryology also posted on six new kickstarters. Pack Config wrote about cold climate gloves.

In terms of experiences, The Professional Hobo wrote about a winter trip to Crete. Patagonia’s blog, the Cleanest Line, wrote about hemp farming. Practical Travel Gear wrote about another Patagonia venture, Patagonia Provisions Marketplace, that can deliver ethically sourced food to your house if you live in the US. Nomadic Notes posted about Bang Saen, the closest beach to Bangkok. And Never Ending Voyage wrote about re-learning to sail in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, then returning to find the world in lockdown.

In terms of skills, Pack Hacker wrote about working out when you can’t get to a gym: running, yoga, home calisthenics.

For environmentalism, The Cleanest Line wrote about an online meeting of the Sunrise School, an environmental activism group. The Cleanest Line also wrote about preparations for Earth Day, which is next Wednesday, 22 April.

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