Onebag roundup – 19 July 2020


Nomadic Notes discovers Vinh Hoa beach resort, a not-quite-developed beach resort in Vietnam.

And Travel In Your Own Way gets sidetracked into picturesque Sirnea, the “first tourist village in Romania.”


Carryology continues its awards season with the best accessories awards. I voted for the MiiR Pourigami – just three pieces of metal that click together for a coffee filter. This seems to me like a much lighter, better option than those travel cafetieres that lots of people bring.


Invasive mustard plants, introduced to California by eighteenth century Spanish priests, force delicate local plants to extinction and fuel wildfires.


There are lots of ways to work out if you don’t have your sneakers or gym stuff with you: tai chi, yoga, body weight exercises or just going for a walk.