One bag roundup – week of 25 May


Carryology posted an interesting interview with Pete Hill, a backpack designer, who shares some 3D models that you can print on paper and assemble with tape.

Packing Less reviews the IKEA Varldens backpack, which is looking increasingly good with every new review.


The Cleanest Line republishes an old story about building an eco-house in the middle of the woods.

Good Nature Travel posted a two minute video with Erin Simon, WWF’s plastics expert.

We are getting very close on super short distance electric plane flights.


Good Nature Travel posts ten activities to keep yourself wandering during lockdown: the nature around you, virtual wildlife tours, cleaning the closets.

Travel in Your Own Way covers the Rocky Mountaineer, the glass-domed Canadian train.

Tortuga walks through the tortuous carry-on rules.


Karl Friston explains the generative-models approach to COVID.