Kickstarter update

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy getting a Kickstarter ready for the book, the travel reference manual. I’m hoping to launch it by 1 November. I’d originally planned it so that people would get their copies by Christmas. I’m backing off on that now, having discussed with the printer and looked into shipping times a little more carefully. I still hope people who want copies will get them for Christmas but there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip.

I now have fifteen demo copies and I’m pretty happy with them. There was really only one printer in Europe I found that would do what I wanted – a paperback book that prints “layflat” style, so that you don’t need to hold it open with your thumb.

I was afraid that this wouldn’t work for some print-related reason I didn’t know about but it seems to work fine. I’m happy with the way the book looks otherwise and I think they did a nice job.

There are a couple final sections I’m hoping to add if I have time – a two page calendar (which is easy) and a one-page meditation guide (which is hard). Otherwise, it’s just a matter of improving and revising and I’m getting a lot of first-rate help from various places.

So stay tuned!