Guest post: One Bag Travel

This post is from guest blogger John from, which features packing lists for every trip organized by destination, duration, number of items packed and more. One Bag Travel also sets out the major airlines’ current carry-on policies, something which should be useful for every traveler. Finally, there is a matrix of carry-on bags to help you choose the right bag for you. The matrix links to the carry-on rules, so you can make sure that your bag is compatible with most airlines.

One Bag Travel is a collection of packing lists, a database of carry-on backpacks (no roller wheels here!), and accompanying information to inspire the minimalist traveler. The website is handcrafted with love. I do most of the work myself, from programming to writing, to design.

One Bag Travel was born because I loved looking at packing lists for travel inspiration and found it challenging to research minimalist travel backpacks.   I thought that if I could combine carry-on research and packing lists I’d create something people would enjoy.  My current goal is to develop features so more people can help curate the content on the website.  My long-term goal is to cultivate a community of minimalist travelers.

I’ve always been a light packer, but after almost missing a ferry in Croatia because somebody in my group took forever to pack up their luggage, I became more serious about minimalist travel.  Picking up a lightweight piece of luggage with just enough clothes is terrific.   I feel agile walking around with a light backpack while other people drag roller bags across ancient cobblestone streets.

Besides my own personal reasons for one bagging, I hope to make OBT a resource that can reduce air travel carbon emissions by packing less. Leaving a single pair of shoes behind is an easy way we can help reduce carbon emissions. Going from having 20kg of checked luggage to 19kg in a backpack can make a difference if everybody does it.

I hope to continue working on One Bag Travel until we develop teleportation technology. Feedback is encouraged, and I hope people can help me make One Bag Travel a community for minimalist travelers to be inspired, share information, and ultimately, pack less.