Expat blogs

Expat blogs and local blogs are a great way to plug into a new country if you’re thinking about moving abroad. They have all the headline information about your destination country but also all the local nuance and secrets that the official guides don’t cover. Here is a list of my favorite blogs country by country.

Updated March 2022.



Tacogirl.com is a Belize-based blog established in 2007 and it’s filled with colorful island pictures and useful information – like a Google Maps Guide to San Pedro and Ambergris Caye, Belize. Her unique content appeals to travelers, locals, and future expats. You’ll find everything from Current Covid Entry Requirements to fun activities, travel, and humorous stories about life in Belize. Click through for
Seven Ways to Have an Enjoyable Vacation or Learn More About Belize and the origins of the name “tacogirl”.


Travel Coach Chile

Travel Coach Chile is a travel agency in Santiago, which runs an active blog for visitors, expats or anyone interested in Chile. The blog covers Chile’s amazing destinations like Patagonia, Conguillío Park, the Atacama Desert and Easter Island and also the secret to making delicious empanada de pino.


Found in Estonia

Found in Estonia is a bi-weekly podcast that interviews fascinating people living in Estonia from an Iranian computer scientist to a writer from Sudan to the British ambassador. It’s a great way to get into Estonian culture if you’re planning to move there forever or visit for a week or just curious about the Talinn or Tartu scene. The site also features blog articles to help you get to know Estonia.

Found in Estonia


J’adore Lyon

J’adore Lyon is a joyful guide to France, through the surprises of raising kids in France to the top zoos in France to a guide to French superstitions. Be sure to check out the page devoted to French text abbreviations, which should be required reading for francophiles everywhere amha.



Anuradha Goyal has been writing Inditales since 2004. The blog keeps readers entertained with travel stories about India and abroad, travel tips, listicles, video blogs and more. The prolific, award-winning blog covers everything from silk Banarasi Saris to food and chai reviews to travel safety tips. Anuradha also writes a book review site anuradhagoyal.com.


Walking Almaty

Dennis Keen has been walking the streets of Almaty, Kazakhstan since 2013 and has been photographing the city’s architecture and unique and mysterious features along the way. Walking Almaty has thoughtful stories and research about the city’s aryks, Soviet cars, dead entryways, unsolved mysteries and more. It’s a fascinating blog and a great way to get to know Almaty. Dennis also gives walking tours of Almaty for when you arrive.


The Expat Mummy

The Expat Mummy is a comprehensive guide to life in Kenya: a ten-day itinerary, Nairobi’s best restaurants, where to stay in Mombasa, schools, visas, health and safety and more. The blog is written by Nadine Murphy, a former marketing professional who pursued writing full-time when she moved to Africa. By subscribing to the blog, you’ll receive a helpful list of service providers in Nairobi – doctors, shopping, kids’ activities, etc. Finally, for more in-depth information about a Kenyan move, you can buy her book, The Expat Guide to Nairobi, on the website.

Puerto Rico

Jen There Done That

Jen There Done That is a blog from the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. Join blogger Jen as she hikes, swims, dives, travels and shows you the best that Puerto Rico has to offer. The blog reviews hotels, restaurants, and restaurants and also includes articles on life skills like prepping for Puerto Rico’s hurricanes and living frugally.


Some People Juggle Geese

Some People Juggle Geese is by Lucy Day, an American blogger who has lived in Singapore since 2008. The site includes the essential information about Singapore but, more than this, SPJG is a literary criticism website. Visit the site to find out about Singapore’s government and economy but stay to understand why you shouldn’t start Tale of Genji with the Tyler translation and what themes are shared by A Room with a View and The Minority Report. Lucy’s other website, We Love Translations, focuses on translation critiques and advice.


Following the Funks

Bloggers Catie and Jason have been living in Izmir since 2016 and had deep Turkish experience before that. The blog includes great advice if you’re considering a Turkish move – blogs to follow, education choices, Turkish recipes, skiing spots, and sailing lessons. The blog also features YouTube videos and podcasts to give you an insiders’ view of Turkey. Finally, you can follow their journey of adopting as expats.