Blog finances

Updated 31 December 2021

This is a summary of the blog’s financials. The only income for the blog is from the Amazon Associates program. There are a few Amazon product links on the blog and, when you click on those, I receive a small fee. I’m out of practice with it. The packing lists in the menu still have some of those links but I haven’t bothered with the more recent posts and I think the old links go dead after a while. Total Amazon earnings since I started blogging in early 2020 are €54 (converted from USD).

In terms of outgoings, there are a few maintenance fees but the main expenditures are all connected to the Travel Reference Manual that I assembled in 2021. The expenditures since the start of the blog in 2020 are:

Dedicated iPhone for blogging – €320

Domain, hosting, pdf pro app – €175

Professional linguists, historian, and illustrator for Travel Reference Manual – €427

Demo print runs for Travel Reference Manual – €704

Shipping of demo print runs – €49

Google ad campaign – €55

Other – €76

Total – €1806

So the net cost of the blog for these two years is €1752.