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This is a pdf of very simple children’s games. The basic instructions to fourteen kids games to keep them entertained when traveling (or whenever). Twenty questions, I spy, Tag, and all the other classics.

Here is a pdf of children’s games, no equipment needed:

We hope this is something that will be useful to travelers everywhere. Even if you don’t have kids yourself, you might find yourself cooped up with someone else’s and in need of a quick distraction. Besides, these particular games are fun for all ages, so don’t be shy about playing with your adult buddies even if they insist that they don’t want to and have better things to do.

As with all the pdfs on this blog, we’ve tried to keep it simple and mainstream. It’s just the classics and all the instructions have been pared down to the bare essentials.

The games are mostly indoor games, like Twenty Questions and I Spy. We’ve included some of the main outdoors games too but kids are pretty easy to entertain outdoors. The indoors games are more important because of all those desperate travel moments on a plane or a bus, at a fancy restaurant, etc.

The full list is:

  1. Charades
  2. Goat
  3. Fizz, buzz
  4. Hide and seek
  5. I went to market and I bought
  6. I spy
  7. One thing I see, hear, smell, touch
  8. Red light, green light
  9. Simon says
  10. Tag
  11. Telephone
  12. Ten little monkeys
  13. Twenty questions
  14. What time is it, Mrs. Wolf?

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What about “hotter, colder”? Hiding an object, taking turns to come find in the room and find it. We find it’s a good one as everyone can participate simultaneously, whether searching or given direction.

Mmm, yes. That’s a good one. I’ll include that in the next version so that it’s a round 15 games. Next up, is drinking games if you happen to have any suggestions on that front…

Ahhh okay have to harken back to yesteryear for that one… Assuming you are going for a widespread variety of games (ie ones that require nothing, others with cards/dice/cups, beer or shot games etc.)

Off the top of my head:

-Simple Game of 21 (probably the best, requires nothing but a small number of dedicated players. Great for passing long train journeys)
-Palace (the regular card game with drinking rules, fun, easy game, can get harder with time/drinks)
-Drink while you think (another easy, nothing required game, but less attention intensive than Simple Game of 21)
-Danish Dice (have to check my old notes for the games, but remember its a fun dice game, kinda like risk taking to screw other players, and can’t remember any others…)
-Flip cup (the best social party game to break the ice, wayyy better than boring beer pong, great with 6 plus people)
-Kings Cup (the other best icebreaker, better for quieter sitdown evenings, lots of variety in rules depending on the group, but requires cards)
-Animal Kingdom (handclapping, a bit of rhythm, and silly hand gestures required. also just a fun game without drinking and with kids, can get very loud, but addictive)
-F*** the Dealer (requires cards, simple game for just passing the time and passing out drinks)

Happy to help with more detailed rules, if you’d like!

That’s really helpful, thank you. A couple of these are in there but a couple are new to me (like animal kingdom). I think I’m going to try to keep it dice and card free for simplicity and because it seems like there are enough to go around. There’s one from the internet called “if you know what I mean” which looks kind of funny. But anyways really helpful – thanks! PS don’t forget to sign up for email updates:

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